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Agile & Automation Days

October 15-16, 2018

Krakow, Park Inn by Radisson

You are cordially invited to submit proposals for presentations or workshops during Agile & Automation Days that will be held on 15th-16th of October in Krakow, Poland

The motto of this year's conference:

Face the uncertainty, intensify learning

We live in interesting times. Every day we learn about yet another distributed system built on microservices handling eventual consistency, another cryptocurrency built on blockchain, or new serverless solution. Companies specialising in Internet of Things unveil their new products every other week. Offering us integrated systems built of many hardware units. Monoliths are being replaced by distributed solutions. We’re more eager to give up control that comes from centralised architectures, to reach more powerful but uncertain, distributed solutions.

At the same time we are pushing software delivery to the limits. Trying to reach customers as soon as possible with as little as possible to test our assumptions of what makes useful and successful product. All of this by working together in even more cross functional teams. Analysing risks, understanding signals from productions, making hard decisions. Facing the uncertainty and battling it by adopting scientific method, exchanging knowledge and ideas with experts from various areas, researching approaches and solutions, studying users and ourselves, leveraging learning, especially through experimentation.

All of this affects quality of software solutions. Making it even more challenging to assure quality when both worlds collide, and distributed systems are the platform for delivering products developed through experimentation. To thrive, we must face hard questions. What assumptions are we taking while preparing scenarios and are they reflected in reality? What preventive actions can we replace in favour of reactive? When enough testing is enough? How does the environment of constant change affect our work, our role, and our responsibilities? What can we learn from others and what others can learn from us? The key is to keep learning. Keep growing. Understand what and who we can leverage to make uncertainty less scary.

These are the ideas and questions we want you to expand and address during this year's edition of Agile & Automation Days conference. Feeling close to the theme? Facing similar issues? Want to share your experience and findings? We’d love to hear from you.

We’re especially interested in:

  • Finding balance between preventive and reactive measures in the realm of continuous deployment.
  • Designing quality assurance and testing strategies for complex distributed systems.
  • Tools helping with adoption of artificial intelligence in testing and monitoring.
  • Validating and improving quality assurance and testing strategies based on insights and lessons learnt from production.
  • Improving quality by reducing development latency, making developer experience better.
  • Experiments that helped improve quality of software delivery process and overall quality of product.
  • Lessons learnt from delivering products and confronting quality goals with user expectations.
  • Finding how your role and responsibilities, as a quality conscious person, evolved.
  • Quantifying quality, value of tests, manual, exploratory, and automated.
  • Adopting and harvesting practices in cloud world into corporate and enterprise environments.
  • Tools and practices making automated testing more efficient and pragmatic.

We’re looking for:

  • 30 minute presentations.
  • 2 hour workshops.
  • Other forms. Please share your ideas with us.
Experienced speakers are preferred. Submitted lectures cannot be presented in Poland before and English language is preferred (but we also accept submissions in Polish)

Benefits for speakers:

  • Opportunity to present knowledge in front of a large and demanding auditorium
  • Free participation in the entire conference and other accompanying events
  • Registration of (selected) presentations and their online publication via Agile & Automation Days YouTube channel

What we offer to Agile & Automation Days speakers:

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses (limit for travel from Europe: 250 euro, limit for travel outside Europe: 500 euro)
  • Accommodation in a hotel - two night stay
  • Participation in the conference and in a networking party summarizing the conference

What is more, we have also prepared a contest for the best-rated lecture and / or workshop. For the best presentation of the conference, chosen in the voting by the participants, we have a cash prize in the amount of 1,000 PLN.

Submission deadline:

May 23, 2018


Terms & Conditions*

By submitting this application I understand that:
- My travel costs will be covered if my presentation to AADays is accepted and according to the compensation policy
- All AADays 2018 talks will be recorded on video and made available publicly

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Program Committee

The heads of the Program Committee of this year's conference who will evaluate applications are Michał Kujałowicz and Bartosz Szulc.

Michał Kujałowicz

is in testing and QA since 2005. Currently at Spartez. As Quality Engineering Manager supports development of Quality Assistance approach, in which developer teams take full responsibility for quality, educated and supported by Quality Engineers. Previously worked for BenQ Siemens and Lufthansa Systems Poland.

Dealt with: manual and automated testing, test management and test team management, training and test consulting. Co-organiser of regular local testing community meetings – TrójQA. Academical teacher at Software Testing studies. Presenter at Software Testing conferences and meet-ups.

Bartosz Szulc

is tester at heart. One could say, born to test.

Keeping hands dirty with test automation and scripting since started professional career.

Designing strategies, architecting, delivering frameworks and test environments for web and mobile applications. Actively involved in local testing communities. Presenting on most popular testing and development conferences in Poland and Europe. Since joined Spartez, helping developers at Atlassian become better testers. Teaching them how to explore. In love with big data, scientific method, and statistical analysis. In pursuit of quantifying quality in Software Development with a single formula.

(+48) 533 389 220